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Samsung Has Sold Over 10 Million Galaxy S III Globally
Samsung Has Sold Over 10 Million Galaxy S III Globally

Samsung has sold over 10 million pieces of their recently launched Galaxy S III. Now, considering the fact that the handset was launched only a couple of months back that’s quite a staggering figure. However, Samsung told that even before the handset hit the shelves they had over 9 million pre-orders in hand.


Samsung reported that Galaxy S III, which is the successor to Galaxy S II, which took five months to touch the 10 million figure after entering the market. As per the 10 million figures, Samsung has sold around 190,000 S III devices every day. These numbers take the S III ahead of its very popular predecessor the Galaxy S II that reported sales hitting 10 million, five months after it reached consumers. Samsung Galaxy III is been accepted graciously around the globe and now that it is available at a revised and mouth watering price of Rs. 37,890 the sales figures for the phone are further expected to soar. So what are you waiting for, grab your Samsung Galaxy S III today."

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