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Samsung Launches Wide Range Of Accessories For Galaxy Note II
Samsung Launches Wide Range Of Accessories For Galaxy Note II

Samsung’s Galaxy Note II received rave reviews at the time of its launch. But, Samsung isn’t stopping there only. The Korean manufacturer has brought a wide range of accessories to complement their latest offering.

The accessories launched for Samsung Galaxy Note II comprise of accessories that will provide the required protection to the device and will make it easier for the customers to use it. We got glimpses of some of the accessories launched for the phone, and based on that, it’s safe to say that there won’t be any lack of options for the customers.

Starting from the wide range of flip covers that comes in wide range of colors starting from plain white to vibrant blues, yellows, pinks and even in darker shades like mustard yellow, black, and red. The flip covers replaces the battery cover of the phone and comes attached with another flip cover, which protects the frontage of the phone.

In addition to flip covers, Samsung Galaxy Note II also gets a wide range of pouches, which can be used for storing the Galaxy Note II, when not in use and a large number of protective cases. The protective casing provides shielding to the handset against the accidental fall and bumps, consequently enhancing the longevity of the phone.

The other accessories in the offering include a wide range of vehicle docks, stylus S Pens, covers, and book covers of different sizes. Looking at the wide range of accessories in the offering, Samsung seems determined to please their customers in every department.

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