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Samsung Omnia M Launched On www.beyondtime.in At Rs. 15,890
Samsung Omnia M Launched On www.beyondtime.in At Rs. 15,890

Finally, Samsung has launched their second Windows phone Omnia M. The first installment of Windows smart phone from Samsung came last year in the form of Omnia W. As far as design is concerned, the newly launched Omnia M is almost identical to its precursor. Even in terms of features, the two handsets are almost identical. The new Samsung Omnia M boasts a 4-in AMOLED touchscreen, which is a tad bigger than Omnia W’s 3.7-in screen. Weighing 119 gm, the newly launched Omnia M is weighs 4-gms more than its precursor. The Samsung Omnia M runs Windows 7.5 OS (aka Windows Mongo), which looks a bit smoother here; as opposed to the previous model from Samsung. The brawny 1 GHz processor of the phone pumps up the overall performance of the phone giving its browsing speed significant boost. Samsung has fitted the Omnia M with a 5-MP camera on the rear and a VGA Camera to support video calling on the front. The Samsung Omnia M has 384 MB of internal memory system and has capacity to store data up to 4 GB. However, it does not have a MicroSD Card slot, which can be disappointing for some. The Samsung Omnia M is priced at Rs. 18, 650 in the market, but you can get it for Rs. 15, 890 from www.beyondtime.in. Book yours at http://goo.gl/dTIFM

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