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Samsung Plans To Capture 60 Percent Stake In Indian Smartphone Market

Capitalizing on the huge success of their recently launched products, Samsung intends to increase their Smartphone market stake in the 18-19 million-piece Indian smartphone market. As per the reports from Samsung, the company had market stake of 45 percent at the end of this year’s first quarter and that they intend to take that number to 60 percent by the end of this year. Indian Smartphone market is expected to grow from about 8 million units in the year 2011 to about 18-19 million units by the end of 2012. Samsung launched ten new handsets in the first quarter of this year, which included dual-SIM handsets likes Galaxy Y Pro Duos and Galaxy Y Duos. With those ten handsets, the total number of handsets from Samsung in the price range of Rs. 7,830 to Rs. 38,290 went to 19. Samsung is planning to launch more handsets in months to come for consolidating their position in India. Samsung is about to release their third generation Samsung Galaxy S III alongwith many more phones in near future. Samsung understands the potential of Indian smartphone market and will be capitalizing on it with their models that meet the requirement of mid-range as well as high-end buyers.

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