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Samsung Rolls Out Mobile Print For Android
Samsung  Rolls Out Mobile Print For Android


Technology is touching new horizons, with Smartphones & Apps constantly evolving and creating new standards of technology supremacy.

Samsung has given some amazing technologies one fine example is the The Mobile Print APP.

Samsung Mobile Print App for printers is free for Android Phones. The App is specific for not only Tablets or Smartphone’s but also with printers.

According to reports, Android and tablets phone with recent version of operating system supports mobile print app.  All the printers’ models announced since 2011 works on this app while the models before 2011 will run on this app after firmware updating.  The Mobile Print App communicates through Wi-Fi irrespective of the fact that printer should also support the same but printer should be connected to Wi-Fi.

The Mobile Print App by Samsung is a boon for mobile printing and scanning documents.  It is a must download App with various impressive features.


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