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Samsung Sold 20 Million Galaxy S III In 100 Days
Samsung Sold 20 Million Galaxy S III In 100 Days

Samsung’s latest flagship model, Galaxy S III has touched new heights in terms of sales figures. According, to the latest reports, within 100 days of its launch, around 20-million Samsung Galaxy S III, models have been sold across the globe.

As per Samsung, around 200,000 models of Samsung Galaxy S III are being sold daily, which is 3 times faster than its precursor Samsung Galaxy S II and six times faster than the Samsung Galaxy S.

Samsung also gave the regional sales data, according to which the Korean manufacturer sold around 6 million S III in Europe, 4.5 million Galaxy S III in Asia, 2.5 million in Korea and 4 million in North America.

The figures establishes Samsung’s prowess in the modern smartphone market and justifies their lead over Apple.

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