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Samsung Sues Apple Over iPhone 5
Samsung Sues Apple Over iPhone 5

The Patent battle between Apple and Samsung has been going on from quite long time.


A couple of months back Apple  won $1 billion from Samsung in a Law Suit battle.  And now Samsung claims that Apple’s recently launched iPhone 5 is violating several of their patents and has filed a lawsuit against Apple.  According to Samsung the iPhone 5 has breached on some of their patents including six utility patents and 2 standards essential patents involving (non-LTE) wireless networking.  It is expected that Samsung will add LTE patents to its portfolio of lawsuits and two of the current patents being FRAND patents infringed.


In their report Samsung stated that they had always preferred to compete with rivals in the market with their own innovative ideas and products while Apple believes in continuing aggressive legal measures, which limits the market competition.  Samsung did not has the choice rather than taking the legal steps to protect its innovations and rights.


It seems that both the tech giants are going all out against each other to establish market leadership.  Enter Your News Here

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