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Samsung Wins Right To View Terms of Apple & HTC's Deal
Samsung Wins Right To View Terms of Apple & HTC's Deal


Samsung once again has won a battle against Apple. However, this time no financial gains for the Korean Tech giant. According to latest reports, a US federal judge has asked Apple to give all the details of their patent and global licensing deal with HTC, to Samsung.


The coveted maker of iPhone and iPad, Apple attained a concord with HTC after drawing out a battle on the patent and design violation claims dragging several tech giants including HTC, Google's Motorola, and Samsung in several courts across the globe.


Either of the techs major did not unveil the details of the deal, comprising a 10-year licensing concurrence. However, HTC did mention that the alleged amount, which according to rumors, they have to pay to Apple, is all-false.


In addition to that, the executive said that the Taiwanese manufacturing firm was pretty contented with the terms of patent settlement.

Samsung filed a lawsuit asking its fierce rival Apple to reveal the terms & conditions of the agreement once the deal was announced publicly and said that it’s almost assured that the deal with HTC has complete relevance to their continuing lawsuit battle with Apple and hence shall be privy to the details. The US court agreed with it completely and now has asked Apple to give the complete details of the deal.


Samsung and Apple are still pretty much strangled in the lawsuit battle across the globe, with Apple wining a whopping $1.05 billion judgment in the United States over Samsung earlier this year. 

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