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Samsung new Series 3 Chromebox revamped
Samsung new Series 3 Chromebox revamped

Samsung new Series 3 Chromebox revamped

Samsung has redesigned its Series 3 Chromebox but has continued with the same internals. The Series 3 Chromebox had been likened to the Mac mini, however the new version has adopted a look more in line with Samsung’s whitegoods. As with all devices running Google’s Chrome OS, the Series 3 Chromebox relies on an Internet connection to delivers its full capabilities.

The Series 3 Chromebox was launched in mid-2012, Samsung has not extended the exterior revision of the new model to its internals. It continues with an Intel Celeron B840 processor clocked at 1.9GHz and Intel’s integrated HD graphics. RAM is capped at 4GB, while the SSD is limited to 1GB. As you can see, the new Chromebook from Samsung is still compact, and it won’t take much of your space on your desk, and since it comes with improved hardware specs, you’ll enjoy in improved performance.

Connectivity is extensive and includes Wi-Fi is 802.11n, 6 USB ports, a DVI port and 2 display ports. A 2W mono speaker is also included. Although the Samsung has a live webpage for the new Chromebox, availability and pricing is yet to be announced.

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