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Samsung new Youm OLED Technology with Flexible Screen

Samsung new Youm OLED Technology with Flexible Screen

Samsung has come up with a new Jaw Dropping OLED Technology called ‘Youm’ with an awesome flexible screen.

The screen is paper thin and raps around the edges of the device so that when it’s closed you can see an incoming text or message on the side of the screen.

This flexible, bendable and unbreakable thin Samsung screen is amazing and it reduces worry for your device to drop and break. It will be available in masses in the form of phones and tablets.

Samsung has just showed off this technology to us early and it’s expected not to come up in the market anytime soon. We have also showed off video for this wonderful technology. Samsung also showed off a smartphone with a display that curves around the edge of the device. And a concept video showcased a phone that could be unfolded and turned into a tablet.

Technology plays an integral role in improving life, whether it's through cutting costs in medical records systems or connecting people and ideas from around the world, said reports.


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