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Samsung to Extend Its Lead over Apple with New Galaxy Note 2, Windows Phone 8, & Android Phones

Samsung does not seem to sit back after the patent dispute with Apple, and is going all out to extend its lead over the American tech giant. In its approach to maintain and further extend its lead over Apple in the modern Smartphone market, the Korean electronics giant has launched world’s first Windows Phone 8, Samsung Galaxy Note 2 and has lined up some new Android models.

The newly launched Galaxy Note 2 comes with typical pen-stylus, 5.5-in display screen, which is bigger than its precursor and has a latest variant of Google's Android OS. The new Note 2 has software, which recognizes handwriting straight from a digital pen.

Samsung also launched world’s first Windows Phone 8, which runs Microsoft's latest Windows 8 mobile system, Samsung Ativ S. The newly launched Ativ S boasts a 4.8- inch display screen. The Windows Phone 8 launch puts Samsung alongside the Finnish mobile maker Nokia, which had teamed up with Microsoft last year for the launch of Windows Phone 8. Nokia will be launching their Windows Phone 8 on September 5, 2012.

In addition to Galaxy Note 2, Samsung has also launched 16-mp Samsung Galaxy S III for the Android lovers in the market. Apart from the mobile market, Samsung is also expanding its reach in the camera market and has launched an Android-powered 16-mp Galaxy Camera. The Galaxy Camera will have internet access facility via Wi-Fi and mobile networks.

With a wide assortment of gadgets in the offering and a constantly increasing customer base, Samsung does not seem to be affected by the lawsuit anyway. In fact, the company is geared up to further extend their lead over the iPhone maker.

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