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Samsung to Launch Galaxy S III with 16-MP Camera
Samsung to Launch Galaxy S III with 16-MP Camera

According to the reports coming in, Samsung might bring in a new variant of their flagship model Galaxy SIII, with a 16 MP camera. 

Samsung has not given any affirmation about the product, but according to the insiders, the Korean company has plans of launching it and is keeping it secret. However, as per the rumors, the latest version of Samsung Galaxy S III will have a strong 16 MP image sensor, rather than the 8 MP cameras that the current version of Galaxy SIII has. Apart from the camera, the new variant of Galaxy S III, if enters the market, will not have any other changes in terms of specifications.

While the idea of a bigger camera on the handset sounds pretty tempting, the success of the device will largely depend on the price at which it will be launched.

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