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Samsung to develop a new RAM

Samsung is determined to dominate the global mobile market, and is taking all the necessary steps to make that happen. According to the latest reports coming in, Samsung is developing a new memory (RAM) chip for all the mobile phones.


This new RAM will help, every mobile set in the market, but will enhance the prominence of brand Samsung and their prowess in the mobile market. Samsung primarily is known as mobile manufacturer with models like Samsung Galaxy S II, Samsung Galaxy Note and recently launched Samsung Galaxy S III in their arsenal. However, not many people know that Samsung also manufactures a wide range of components that are extensively used by all the mobile makers. The latest development from Samsung is 2 GB 20 NM low power DDR2 memory, if you didn’t understand the technical jargons, then in simple terms, Samsung is manufacturing a 2GB RAM for modern handsets.


Up to now, most of the next-gen mobile phones including Samsung's Galaxy S3 and HTC’s One X are fitted with a 1GB RAM, while the Nokia Lumia 900 and Apple iPhone 4S comes with 512MB. Now, the question is, how will the memory aid us? Well, as per Samsung, their new chip will make the modern mobile phones, lighter, faster than the recent handsets, having quad-core processors. Along with all that, the new RAM is also expected to have better battery life than then most of the current handsets.


The newly developed 2GB RAM from Samsung will also be thinner than the current 2GB offerings and consequently will let the modern handset makers to develop handsets even slimmer than the current crop of handset that can fit into even the tightest of jeans. Samsung expects to ship the new RAM later this year, which means the handsets entering the market by Christmas could sport the new chip, but the technology is expected to be fully in use by 2013."

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