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Samsung unveils Galaxy S III 4G
Samsung unveils Galaxy S III 4G


The Samsung Galaxy S III 4G/LTE variant has been unveiled with plenty of changes in its asset features. So, is it worth the trade?


First let us tell you that Samsung Galaxy S III still remains one of the most impressive handset entering the market and just now we heard of Samsung Galaxy S III 4G/LTE. As soon as we heard of it, we were interested to find out what major changes it brings onboard. Therefore, here are the major differences that we found out in the two variants of Samsung’s Galaxy S III.


Operating System:


One of the major differences between the two is their operating system. While the original S III runs Google’s Android Ice Cream Sandwich, the 4G/LTE Galaxy S III runs Androidv4.1 Jelly Bean.




The Galaxy S III 4G has a 2GB RAM, as oppose to the 1GB RAM of the first S III and the LTE is built into its quad-core Exynos processor.


Battery Life:


One another major change here is the battery life. The first S III did not give us any complains in the battery department, but sadly, we cannot say the same about the Galaxy S III 4G/LTE. However, we cannot blame the 4G capability of the handset for its poor battery life; it is just that there is not any option to turn 4G off.


So, in simple terms if you are ready to make compromise on the battery and processing speed of Galaxy S  III for its 4G/LTE capability then the new Samsung Galaxy S III 4G is worth the trade. However, if you care about the battery then stick to your original Samsung Galaxy S III.


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