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SanDisk Brings Flash Drives For Smartphones and Tablets

The global leader in storage memory device manufacturing SanDisk Corp, seems to have found the answer to lackluster data transfer speeds in mobiles and tablets, and the constant urge to enhance the storage capacity of those devices. The company unveiled their answer in the form of four high-potential flash drives for devices like tablets, smart phones, and digital cameras. The newly launched USB (Universal Serial Bus) drives fulfill the requirement of high storage capacity of modern buyers. These drives allows them to carry lots of digital content with them, fast transfer of files for playing mobile games, photo capturing, e-mailing, and video recording. The company also launched high-speed memory card for modern smartphones and PDAs. The newly launched memory card will allow the users to enhance the storage capacity of their devices, which is a great facility for tablets and smartphones. The newly launched flash drives will provide fast file transfer between devices and will bring a stylish and reliable storage option. These newly launched memory card and flash drives are expected to hit the shelves by third quarter of this year.

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