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Send Greetings From New Launched App: GreetZAP
Send Greetings From New Launched App: GreetZAP

Wish your loved ones differently using new app launched “GreetZAP.”  “GreetZAP” offers a new way to its users to wish their friends and family via sending personalized greetings along with background music.


GreetZAP puts an end to text messages with number of personalized greetings, which you can send as a voice message.  The app allows its user’s to select from the range of festive song, prayers, arti’s and also customize messages for your dear and near ones.  The Android users can download this superb GreetZAP app. 


It is a great service to satisfy the conventional need of electronics, which fulfill its user’s desire to wish their loved ones and lets you connect to your friends and family.  You can use this service on pay per basis by paying Rs.1 per message without any subscription charges and if you are using through downloaded app you do not have to pay for that.



Now, make your festive greetings more special and send it your special ones through mobiles or web in a convenient and simple way by selecting greetings and music’s of your own choice.

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