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Skype to Bring Video Messaging Soon
Skype to Bring Video Messaging Soon

If the recent reports coming in hold any truth, we might be having a video messaging service from Skype. The indication of Skype’s video messaging came after the company made a minor change in their term

s of usage. The video messaging feature will be free for the premium users of Skype, while the free users will be able to use the feature only up to certain extent. 

The leaked change in usage terms read:
“If you are a Skype Premium subscriber you can ... send and receive an unlimited number of Video Messages and any Video Messages you send and/or receive shall have no expiry date. If you are not a Skype Premium subscriber, the numbers of Video Messages you can send are limited, however you can receive an unlimited number of Video Messages.”

It should be known that Skype premium costs around $8.99 per month and allows the user to call to USA & Canada (with fair handling limits) and at the same time offers plethora of other features like group screen sharing and video calling.

In addition to the above-mentioned terms of usage, furthermore the change indicated that the messages sent by the non-premium users would be expired in 90 days. The statement read:

“As a non-Skype Premium subscriber any Video Message you send or receive will expire within 90 days, except for Video Messages received from a Skype Premium subscriber or where you upgrade to a Skype Premium subscription before the 90 day expiry period ends, and in either case the Video Message shall cease to have an expiry date.”

So, if these policy changes are anything to go by, the Skype users are in for a treat.

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