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Smartphone touted as- remote for your life
Smartphone touted as- remote for your life

Smartphone touted as ‘remote for your life’
The Smartphone is become the consumer's remote control for life. It can talk to your car, your refrigerator, water your plants and help you stay fit and healthy. This message was delivered by doze...ns of firms.
The apps developed for mobile phone like Apple’s iOS, Google’s Android and Microsoft’s Windows Phone are taking a lot of functions that people or different devices used to do.
Samsung showed a connected refrigerator which can stream music from a Smartphone while US appliance maker revealed that it is called the “first Android oven” with a panel to surf web. US appliance maker showed its lineup of smart appliances which can send a user a text that the laundry is done.
LG offered an integrated solution where one Smartphone app can remotely turn on a robotic vacuum or washing machine or monitor if something cooking in the oven. You can control your life with a Smartphone.
French-based firm showed off an app which allows Smartphone users to keep their home plants watered, using a sensor which transmits information on temperature, light and humidity and alerts people when the plants are thirsty. There is also an app which controls the home thermostat, locks and lighting. The phone can be your remote control for your house.
Moreover, in the car, drivers can mimic their key fob functions to control their car, track, locate and monitor their vehicles with an app. The health segment is exploding with apps which can monitor heart rate, blood sugar, distance traveled by runners and many other things. So it is not just a communications devices, it is a hardware hub around which people build services. The Smartphone is becoming the viewfinder for your digital life.

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