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Sony Guarantees To Keep Your Smartphone’s Battery Alive Longer
Sony Guarantees To Keep Your Smartphone’s Battery Alive Longer


In this age of advanced technology, Smartphone’s are coming with updated apps.  Smartphone’s are being used for making calls, Checking news, updating Facebook profile, shoot videos and even pay for services and goods. All these activity eats up the battery.  Now a day’s it’s really difficult to get through the day on a single charge.

You are lucky enough if your phone battery get through the day on a single charge, which is rare.

To solve all problems SONY had stepped in and announced their lightweight external batteries called “Cycle Energy.”  It is powered by 7000 mAh and measures 130.6mm x 70.4mm x 12.9mm weighing 198 Gms.  You can simply charge your Smartphone’s battery by connecting your device to the battery’s USB port, which is capable of providing the equivalent of three full charges.

 According to reports, SONY is also planning to launch smaller model that is powered by 3,500mAh. The no. of small colored cylindrical 2000mAh batteries is also in the making.

We have already seen some of the external battery packages with relative weight and size in the market. However, those were primarily for backpacking holidays and camping. With their new external battery charger offering Sony has introduced something similar, but for daily usage. It very well could change the completely external battery scene in the tech world. 

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