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Sony to Launch Smartphone That Aims to Beat iPhone 5 and Samsung SIII
Sony to Launch Smartphone That Aims to Beat iPhone 5 and Samsung SIII

The market is buzzing with the news that Sony may launch its new Smartphone’s soon.  According to reports, the company is aiming to hit the shot on Apple and Samsung Smartphone’s.


If reports are true, Sony claims that this to be launched Smartphone would be the flagship model in their product line and could perfectly compete with the Apple’s iPhone and Samsung S III.  Though it is not yet decided on which OS platform will it run, it is most likely to be on Android.  Sources revealed that Sony is keeping a close watch on Windows 8 OS also if it succeeds they won’t mind getting on to it.


If the rumors are true, this flagship model would be named as Xperia Odin, which is expected to come in market by next year.  Sony has provided outstanding features to its flagship model including 32 GB of memory storage and sports a 13 MP camera.  The device would be powered by 1.5 GHz Quad-Core Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 Pro chipset and 2 GB of RAM.



It is obvious that Sony will have tough competition to grab the consumer’s mindset and end the race with a checkered flag.  We are looking forward to see the war heat up between the giants in the ultimate benefit to the consumers.


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