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Stay Updated On Potholes In Your Way With BMCs New App
Stay Updated On Potholes In Your Way With BMCs New App

“When it rains, it pours” we all have heard this idiom, haven’t we. But, if you’re a Mumbaikar you would have seen it “word-by-word” during monsoon. Now, while the process of repairing or closing the potholes seems a never ending process, the civic body has come up with a solution to fasten the process and keeping the citizens updated about the pot holes in their region. After spending loads of money on pothole maintenance and repairing, BMC now have decided to help the citizen circumvent the pothole-ridden path. Sounds interesting, doesn’t it. However, even this has come at a heavy price (Rs 60 lakhs, to be precise). Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) released software that will allow the citizens to “track” the potholes in the city by uploading the pictures of city’s potholes onto a Google maps-assisted interface, which the civic agency will be monitoring. Initially, this software was available only for Android devices, but now taking it further the civic body has decided to expand the pothole tracking system even to non-Android devices in the form of an app. This new app is available on BMCs website. This app will allow the users having GPRS and GPS on their mobile to upload pictures of the potholes in regions direct to civic body’s website. Once the picture has been uploaded, BMC (Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation) assigns it to a contractor who is supposed to address the issue well within 48 hours. The application can be downloaded from www.voiceofcitizen. Different versions of the app for different mobile platform like Blackberry, Symbian, iPhone etc will be launched subsequently. In order to fasten the process, Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation has given about 98 mobile phones to their engineers for clicking the photos of potholes. As per officials, up to now around 6,688 potholes have been reported to BMC, out of which only around 4,992 potholes have been taken care of. Now, it’s your turn to help BMC maintain the city, click and upload the images of potholes in your region and get a smooth surrounding this monsoon.

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