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Strict Guidelines To Acquire SIM Cards By DOT
Strict Guidelines To Acquire SIM Cards By DOT


From the sources it was revealed that the Department of Telecom (DOT) has issued new rules for buying SIM cards.


According to this tougher guideline by DOT, an undertaking has to be submitted by the authorized person selling SIM cards. The undertaking includes that he had checked the details and matched the applicants photograph attached on the application form.


If the subscribers are found to submit forged documents to get the connections, franchisees and retailers selling SIM cards will have to file a police complaint against them.  The norms also include the verification of age and date of birth.  All the telecom operators across the country are required to follow the new guidelines.


Still one question arises what needs to be done in case if the consumer doesn’t have a relevant document related to his date of birth and the reply is expected soon on the same.

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