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Supreme Court Brings Back the 200 SMS Limit
Supreme Court Brings Back the 200 SMS Limit

If you are a frequent texter, then this is not news that you will like. According to latest reports, Supreme Court of India has once again brought back the maximum SMS limit of 200 SMSs per day back into effect.  The limit was bought back after an interim order.


The quota of 200 SMS a day was firstly introduced by Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) back in 2011, but later was lifted in July 2012, by Delhi High Court. In their statement, Delhi High Court said that the constraint weakens the “right to freedom of expression” for Indian citizens.


The SMS quota was bought into effect to curb down the number of uncalled-for SMSs sent by telemarketing companies. While the ban seems sensible from people who don’t like receiving marketing SMSs, youngsters are furious over it and hence it becomes interesting to see how long this ban lasts.

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