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Tablet Computers Might Overtake Notebooks in Sales Figures By 2016
Tablet Computers Might Overtake Notebooks in Sales Figures By 2016

There has been a flurry of sleek, slim and fast, notebook computers entering the market. But it very well could be the last attempt of laptops to survive, as the interest of people towards tablet computers is significantly increasing. As a matter of fact, seeing at the current market pattern, the tablet computers will overtake notebook laptops in sales figures by 2016 end. The shift in interest of consumers could be attributed to the immense convenience that tablet computers bring with them. While, the slim and sleek notebook laptops with screen ranging from 10 to 17 inches are focused towards performance, the tablet computers with 7 to 10 inches display screen are primarily for convenience. That’s the reason why the tablets are hot selling products in the developed markets like USA, while Notebook computers are hot sellers in emerging markets. Tablet market has been oozing with stunning tablets like Apple’s iPad, Samsung’s Galaxy Tab etc and to counter that Intel initiated their Ultrabook label to boost the laptop sales. But, despite the high-performance and en suite security, the laptop sales has failed to pick up, even the non-Intel products like Apple’s MacBook Air, have failed to make any impact. Come October 28 and we will have a new entrant in the tablet & laptop market with Microsoft’s Windows 8. After the launch of Window’s 8, we will have Windows 8 tablets powered by Intel chips, Windows 8 laptops, and Windows RT tablets powered by chips from ARM ecosystem. Apple also is expected to launch a new mini iPad, which will further expand the tablet range. However, despite all that the growth of laptop sales is unlikely to boost, as consumers are picking convenience over performance. Also looking at the significantly improving quality of tablets we don’t see their sales slowing any time soon, so it’s a tough road ahead for slim and sleek ultrabooks.

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