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The Dell Latitude ST tablet to ship soon
The Dell Latitude ST tablet to ship soon

The Dell Latitude ST tablet, aimed at small or medium businesses as well as regular users, has now been put up for pre-order on the company's official website.


For users who are not patient or keen enough to wait for the Windows 8 OS on their slate, this should seem a good enough option for now. Sporting a comfortable 10.1-inch user interface, the Dell Latitude ST tablet weighs approximately 816g. Also, the touchscreen is wrapped in Corning Gorilla Glass and is designed to be multi-touch capable as also N-Trig stylus compatible. For capturing fun and spontaneous moments, the device is adorned with a 5MP rear facing along with a 720p front facing camera. Embedded with the Windows 7 OS, it allows users to work on a suite of functions from the Windows Office business application, which support work related tasks for professionals.


Other than this, the Dell Latitude ST tablet ships with up to 2GB DDR2 SDRAM at 800MHz, an Intel Atom Z670 processor, the Mobile Intel SM35 Chipset, along with a solid state hard drive of up to 128GB. It allows wireless LAN as well as Bluetooth connectivity, and also offers mobile broadband and GPS options. The slate comes integrated with a mono speaker and a digital microphone, which are supported by a combination input jack for a stereo headset as well as a mic. For the purpose of data protection, it offers choices like TPM (Trusted Platform Module), BitLocker encryption and a Kensington lock slot. The Dell Latitude ST tablet is expected to start shipping on November 30, for a starting price of $859.

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