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The worlds first transparent smartphone could arrive in late 2013
The worlds first transparent smartphone could arrive in late 2013


The world’s first transparent smartphone could arrive in late 2013

Polytron Technologies, a company with huge history of smart or switchable glass are coming up with innovative ideas. They are inventing the new transparent smartphone which will be ready by end of this year.

The manufacturer has used the term “Polyvision Privacy Glass” to devise this transparent handset. The technology behind it is what Polytron calls “Switchable Glass”, which is in actuality a conductive OLED display. Here is how the glass works, “when the Power is OFF, the liquid crystal molecules are randomly oriented which scatters incident light and the glass then becomes opaque. When electricity is passed through the mix, the liquid crystals line up and the incident light is able to pass through making the glass look clear.”

The only things you can see in the prototype smartphone body are a microphone, bunch of batteries, micro sim-card but in the future the company plans to cover the area so that we people will not see all those things. Meanwhile, Polytron Technologies has also produced a transparent USB memory stick that will go into production soon. The USB stick will come in 8, 16, and 32GB options. The USB has an embedded LED so that the user knows it is connected and working. 

There are high expectations from the products, especially from those of us with a love of science fiction as well as the general development of mobile technology with regards to the resolution and display size, rendering of videos and web content, viewing angles, privacy etc.