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Tips to keep your mobile waterproof
Tips to keep your mobile waterproof


Tips to keep your mobile waterproof 

Holi is round the corner and it is the time for you to be concerned about your phone. Holi is a festival of water and colour but except a few mobile phones, all the rest are not designed to be a part of your Holi celebrations. 
There is a chance that your mobile gets hits by water-filled balloons, or becomes the target of water gun (pichkari) or is dropped in water during Holi celebration. To avoid the inconvenience in your Holi spirits you can follow some easy tips to enjoy the festival of colours along with your mobile phone.
•  You can use zip-lock pouches and transparent plastic bags to save your mobile phone from water. You can pack the device by wrapping several layers of the plastic shopping bags with rubber bands. 
•  The best idea is to buy waterproof accessories that will save your mobile not only during Holi but also on normal use during Monsoon. Brands like iBall, Otterbox and more manufacture offers these types of accessories.
•  You can use waterproof and dust resistant devices that are budget friendly. Some of the models are Micromax X50, Motorola Wilder, Motorola Defy, Intel IN 3030 and more. 
•  If you want to capture the colors of your Holi celebrations you can also opt for Sony xPeria Z smartphone which gives you pleasure of 13.1 MP camera along with waterproof and dust resistant features. 
In case if your device gets wet then firstly, pull out the battery of your wet mobile phone. Do not try to turn on a wet phone as it may cause a low-level short circuit and damage core components of the handset. Wrap the wet phone, SIM card module, memory card and battery separately in paper sheets or moisture absorbing dry tissues.
Wipe the wet components with a clean cotton cloth or tissues, and don't turn on the phone immediately. Avoid using a hair dryer to dry the phone or putting it into an oven or microwave at low temperature. By doing that you're totally killing all possibilities of saving your mobile phone. Instead, leave the phone components in a dry place like near a window or under indirect sunlight. When everything else fails, take your phone to a reliable mobile service station and be honest about what happened to the device.
On this carnival of colors we at Beyondtime.in sending your way warm wishes of Holi ! May you be forever as lively as the hues of Holi.

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