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Tips to protect images and videos on Android
Tips to protect images and videos on Android

Tips to protect images and videos on Android

Most of us have photos and videos on our mobile that we want to keep private and you wouldn’t want it to be seen by others. Unfortunately, by default, images and videos on an Android device are... open to all. Here are some simple methods for Android users to hide your images files and private videos from prying eyes.

There are tools that allow you to encrypt files on Android devices so that only you can access them. One such free application is the Gallery Lock Free. You can set a pass code to unlock access to your photos, which you are prompted to do upon first opening the app. This application locks the selected files and keeps the gallery open to all.

Mentioned below is the procedure for you to protect various images and videos on your phone:

1. Access the Google Android marketplace application from your device application menu or from the home screen.
2. Search the Gallery Lock Free app in the tools category and then install the application on your device.
3. Now access the Gallery application on your Android device and the select the images and videos you want to hide from other users.
4. Then access the Gallery Lock application from the application menu on your Android device.
5. The application will prompt you for a password, which by default is set as “0000”.Enter the password to proceed further. All the customizations can be done from the setting menu on the application.
6. A splash screen will show you the files available in your gallery and you can choose specific file or even whole folders which you wish to hide from other users.
7. Press the lock icon on the upper left hand side of the screen to enable locking of files and folders. To select specific files, open the folders then select the lock icon. Once done select the files/folders then press the lock key that comes after pressing the lock icon.
8. Further the application will prompt you to proceed with the locking option. The app will also show you the number of files to be locked, if everything is alright then press lock to proceed.
9. The following screen will prompt you for naming the locked files or grouping them under one generic folder. Choose the "Keep the lock folder” option to maintain the naming of the folders and files exactly the same way as they appeared on the gallery. It might take a little longer for encryption. Once done, the files will disappear from the gallery.
10. The locked files will now only be accessible through the Gallery Lock app which is protected by a pin or pattern lock. Enter the pin or pattern to unlock the app and use the files.
However, be alert that the files will only be accessible from the Gallery lock app and if you forget the password there will be no way to recover the files.See More


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