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Toshiba announced new 29 LED TV for Rs. 23,000
Toshiba announced new 29 LED TV for Rs. 23,000


Toshiba announced new 29” LED TV for Rs. 23,000

Toshiba has introduced new 29-inches LED TV range set for consumers.  The company has launched two models, 29PB200 and 29PU200. 

The new TV range from Toshiba is called as Think LED. The name Think has been given as the brand has assumed what buyers think about televisions and endeavored to incorporate the same in the two LED TVs.

Both models sport panels that are HD Ready, which means they can natively support 720p movies, but can display 1080p movies by downsizing. The bezel is narrow, to improve the visual appeal. These models also feature a built-in sound bar with two speakers below the display, which is claimed to be capable of producing powerful bass with Power Bass Booster in addition to other audio frequencies. The difference between the two models is that the 29PU200 has USB with support for over 28 video formats, while the 29PB200 can only display pictures and play music via USB port.

The proprietary REGZA image processing engine claims to process video signal at 14-bit for better gradation levels and also boasts of noise reduction to clean up image when the source is noisy. The 29PU200 and 29PB200 are priced at Rs 24,000 and Rs 23,000 respectively. 

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