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Twitter Introduces Instagram Like Photo Feature
Twitter Introduces Instagram Like Photo Feature


The Tweeters have a new feature to elevate their Tweeting experience. The popular micro-blogging website Twitter introduced a new and quite Instagram-like photo sharing features. The move comes quickly after the Facebook owned Instagram stopped the users from integrating its images onto the tweets.


Speaking on the feature, Twitter said, the users would not be able to refine and edit images right from the Twitter itself. Furthermore, they added, millions of twitter users use the one-to-many short messaging service on their smartphones and likes to share things they actually care about and to discover what is happening across the globe.


Images have always been the most convincing form of self-expression, considering which this new feature is a nice addition. In their statement, Twitter told that the “filter” and several other effects for the images is taken care by their partner Aviary using the all new twitter apps on Apple iPhones or Google’s Android powered smartphones.


The feud between Instagram and Twitter escalated in recent times as the former made it impossible for the users to view images in the "tweeted" messages.


Instagram, which at present has around 100 million users, wants the route the photo viewers to their own website, where it sees opportunity to make money through ads and other modes, rather than letting Twitter get all the benefits.


Initially, instagram pictures could be seen on Twitter only, without the need of any altercations. However, that is no longer possible. This is why Twitter has developed this new feature to let the users have an unperturbed Tweeting experience. If you have been facing problems in sharing images through Instagram on to Twitter then check out the new Twitter feature.


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