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Twitter Now Lets You Download All the Tweets You Have Ever Posted
Twitter Now Lets You Download All the Tweets You Have Ever Posted


According to reports, the micro-blogging website Twitter has come up with new features, which will allow its users to download and view all the tweets and re-tweets they had posted from the day one.

Once you have downloaded the archive, it allows you to view your tweets by month or you can find your tweets by using certain key words, hash tags, phrases and @ usernames.  The all new feature also allows you to get engage with your old tweets just as with current ones.   Previously, Twitter use to allow their user’s to search for their last 3000 tweets and rest of their timeline was only available to paid advertisers who would get the entire Twitter history.  Now users can access to their entire tweets without paying.

To download the archive tweets is an easy process i.e. go to Twitter, click on settings and as you scroll to the bottom of the page select the option to request for Twitter archive.  Once you are done, you will get an e-mail from Twitter with easy instructions how to download the archive.   From sources it was revealed that the updated feature will be available to all the users by next month.

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