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Ubuntu smart phones to launch in October
Ubuntu smart phones to launch in October

Ubuntu smart phones to launch in October

Already, there are so many smart phones run by Android, Windows, Blackberry, IOS, Bada and Tizen and soon Ubuntu is going to be added to that long list. 

As per the reports, we received the information that smart phones powered by company’s Linux based Ubuntu OS will be made available to the customers from October 2013. Additionally the application developers will be permitted access to a version of the operating system that has been optimized for Galaxy Nexus as early as the end of this month.

One of the unique features that smart phone possesses is that it allows to be docked to a larger display for use with a mouse and keyboard. The Windows based applications streamed to devices from corporate servers are supported by the operating system. This gives business users right to use all the corporate data through a single device.

It’s also reported that Ubuntu devices will hit a couple of large geographical markets. Since Ubuntu is based on Linux like Android, it will use the same drivers as Google's mobile operating system. Also, Ubuntu OS will use native apps, which allows developers to create a single app for both the desktop and the PC.
The OS also favors swiping gestures to reveal navigation strips and overview pages, said reports.

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