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Ultrathin Lens That Could Make Smartphones as Thin As Credit Cards
Ultrathin Lens That Could Make Smartphones as Thin As Credit Cards

Soon the slimmest of the smartphones will look like big fat piece of metal or plastic, whatsoever. According to the latest reports coming in, scientists are working on an ultrathin lens, which eventually could result in smartphones as thin as credit cards.

If you thought that’s remarkable, listen to this. It’s said that the new ultrathin lens, despite its slimness will be distortion-free and so thin that around 1,500 of those will fit across the width of your hair. The new lens will be capable of replacing lenses in applications ranging from smartphones to fiber-optical communication systems to cameras.

The present lenses in our smartphones are neither flat enough to eradicate any distraction, nor are thin enough. The flat distraction includes astigmatism, spherical aberration, and coma, which in general stops the development of a sharp image.

Correcting those distortions needs complex solutions like multiple lenses, which elevates the weight and fill space. In order to get over these challenges, scientists thought of developing a brand new ultrathin, flat lens.

The ultra-thin lens might be thinner than any lens in the market, but the resolving power of the lens will be equal to the standard limits set by laws of optics.

The surface of lens will be patterned with small metallic stripes, which bend the light as you start moving away from the center and make the beam sharply focus without any sort of distortion in the images.

If, and when these ultrathin lenses makes way into the production houses, it will be interesting to see what the mobile maker use for promoting their products now that the slimness is being taken care.

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