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Upgrade To Windows 8 For Rs. 699
Upgrade To Windows 8 For Rs. 699


Microsoft’s latest Windows 8 Operating System will not be entering the market until October 26, however if you want to upgrade to the latest OS from the software giant then you can do it right now.

The Windows upgrade offer is currently running in 140 Countries (including India, off course) and allows the users using the earlier variant to Windows to upgrade to the latest version for mere Rs 699 onwards ($14.99 to $39.99). The upgrade Window will close on January 31, 2013, so if you still haven’t upgraded and wish to get your hands around the latest Windows OS, then now is your chance.

Although, it’s worth mentioning that the lower price is applicable for the buyers who bought the Windows 7 on or after June 2, 2012. The rest of the Windows-based computer users will have to pay higher price for the upgrade.


Depending upon several factors including the region, the exchange rates, the local taxes, duties and local market conditions, the estimated retail price of the operating system can vary significantly. This is why the actual price that you pay can be more than the advertised price.


So, if you want to try out the latest Windows 8 Operating System before it enters the market then now is your chance to try that out.

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