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Voice Messaging New app update for Facebook Messenger
Voice Messaging  New app update for Facebook Messenger

Voice Messaging – New app update for Facebook Messenger

Facebook with its new update for its Messenger app has moved up a ladder from offering text and image messaging to text, image and voice based messaging. This new app is available fr...om Google Play Store as version 2.2.4

This new feature can be accessed through tapping to write a message. Once a user does that he/she comes across four options which include Choose Photo, Take Photo, Image Search and Record Voice. Once you click the Record Voice, the button to begin your recording is displayed. This button must be held while recording and the maximum recording length is 1 minute. If the voice message is ready to be send then the user has to just release the button to send the message or if the message needs to be re-recorded then the user has to just slide their finger off the button to do the do-over. Other then this voice messaging the “whats new” section in the Google Play store also boast of other improvements and bug fixes.

While the voice messaging is made available to all facebook users, Facebook is now in the testing stage of a VoIP based calling option. This particular testing is currently available for those in Canada and this takes voice messaging to the next level – into two calling option. The only limitation is that this is only available in Canada and to those who use iOS. If the testing is deemed to go well then Facebook is expected to roll out this feature even for Android vast user base

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