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Windows 8 Tablet Coming In November

After embarking on the Smartphone bandwagon with Nokia’s Windows Phone, Microsoft is all set to venture into the tablet market. According to the latest reports coming in, Microsoft Tablets will be entering the market as soon as coming November. Microsoft’s Windows 8 Tablets will be offered in ARM, Intel, and AMD forms. Microsoft will be launching their new Windows 8 Operating System in as many as five forms, all of which will be tailored for five different hybrid architectures and tablets including Intel, AMD, and ARM, processors. According to the sources from the industry, around half of Microsoft’s Windows 8 Tablets are expected to hit the shelves from November. These tablets will be having hybrid keyboards, and a lot of them will have Retina Displays. In addition, considering the fact that the hardware set of the tablets will vary as well, the eagerly awaited Operating System is expected to see some changes as well. The Windows 8 version of the tablets will run on Advanced Micro Device hardware and Intel. This version will be able to run the older legacy apps. There also will be version known as Windows 8 RT, will get its power from ARM-based Qualcomm, Nvidia, and Texas Instruments chips, and per se this version will not be able to run any older legacy apps. It is worth mentioning that Intel will also be launching their all-new dual-core Atom chip known as the Clover Trail, which will be delivering a lot more processing power than its precursor, but will consume the same amount of battery.

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