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Windows Phone 7 Update Coming Soon
Windows Phone 7 Update Coming Soon


The much-anticipated update for Windows Phone 7 will soon be entering the market. Although, the update will not have many fancy features of the latest Microsoft's mobile OS, Windows Phone 8, but it will bring an enhanced UI, which will give it the look of the new mobile Operating System.


At the time of announcing the Windows Phone 8, Microsoft also said that they would be giving an update for the users who switched to Windows Phone 8’s precursor in its early days. This was quite essential, as the new Windows Phone 8 deviates completely from Windows Phone 7.


In a statement on Windows Phone 8, Microsoft officials said that, the new operating system is a huge leap forward from the present hardware technology and will not support the existing hardware set.  Furthermore, the company said that they care about their present customers, will want to keep their handsets fresh, and hence are launching the completely new Start screen with this new update.


The update for Windows Phone 7, is a vital part of Windows Phone 8 and will significantly benefit the existing users.  Since the launch of Windows Phone 8, the software giant has remained quiet about their promise for the legacy users, but that has changed recently.


The first glimpses of Windows Phone 7 upgrade was shown on Nokia’s Lumia 510 handset. The video does not show anything staggering, but it does show the active tiling feature just like the Windows Phone 8 and the Bing wallpaper lock screen.


Going by the number of reports surfacing featuring the arrival of Windows Phone 7 update it seems that Microsoft will be launching the update before the year end.


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