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Windows Phone 8 Apollo Plus Launch Delayed
Windows Phone 8 Apollo Plus Launch Delayed


According to reports, Microsoft’s Windows Phone 8 Apollo Plus will come up by next year with a significant software update.   The Apollo Plus will now have an additional feature, which was not there in the previous release of Windows Phone 8 but was there in the previous version of Window’s mobile OS.

If reports are to be believed, the new features will include VPNs (Virtual Private Networks) which is commonly used by business schools for secure access along with improvements to audio functions and Wi-Fi.  The phone will also have an incremental update and may add a Notification Center to Windows Phone, which Microsoft admitted it didn’t finished previously due time strain.

The electronics Giant has launched Windows Phone 8 earlier with devices manufactured by HTC, Nokia and Samsung. No upgrade is expected on these existing devices.  Microsoft with its Windows 8 OS had assured its user’s an easy access such as information’s about family members and contact details.

From sources it was revealed that Microsoft claims to offer a best Smartphone, which will reflect who you are like a fingerprint and will attract major corporate adoption.  The Apollo Pus can be termed as the phone made for you, a perfect companion for your Xbox and Windows PC.   A unique feature named as ‘Kids Corner’ gives a walled garden for parents and lets you select which games, apps and settings that children can use for their entertainment.


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