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Windows Phone All Set to Snatch 3rd Position from BlackBerry
Windows Phone All Set to Snatch 3rd Position from BlackBerry

BlackBerry’s descent from the top has been heard on a regular basis in recent past. Now, while that has been a major concern for folks at RIM, their rivals have been enjoying that, especially Microsoft’s Windows Phone. According to a recent report, the number of BlackBerry loyalists switching to other platforms (including Android, Windows Phone) has grown significantly in recent times. Based upon the projections made by the report, the number of Windows phone users is expected to surpass the number of BlackBerry users as early as November 2012. The shift primarily is because of the increasing number of users deviating from Blackberry, which has resulted in the Operating System coming down from around 6 percent of market share to about 3 percent since the starting of 2012. The number of Windows Phone users has also increased at a decent pace, starting from 1 percent of market stake, they have come up to one and half percent. If the current trend continues in the market, Microsoft’s Windows Phone will take over Blackberry soon and Blackberry will have less than 2 percent stake in mobile market. In a recent survey, it was found that the BlackBerry usage saw a fall of 25 percent during September 2011 and July 2012, coming down to 1 percent by last month end. Further strengthening the contention of Windows Phone there is the impending Windows 8 tablet OS and Windows 8 desktop in coming October. As far as the conditions in the RIM, camp is considered it doesn’t look good at this point, but the company is optimistic about their upcoming BlackBerry 10 Smartphones which is expected to enter the market at the beginning of 2013. However, we think a year might be too late; especially considering the fact that new Windows Smartphones will be entering the market in September followed by Apple’s new iPhone and a couple of other devices.

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