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Works starts on the New iPhone and IOS by Apple
Works starts on the New iPhone and IOS by Apple

Work’s starts on the New iPhone and IOS by Apple

According to sources the next generation of iPhone and IOS is under development stage at Apple. One of the developers has remarked that Apple has been testing hardware related to the new iP...hone 6 identifier, which is powered by IOS 7.

The iPhone 5 has its identifiers as iPhone 5.1 and 5.2 depending upon the LTE Model and 4G band on which it operates.

The request for apps has originated from Cupertino, which is Apple’s headquarters. It is a possible to fake the IP footprint but the information on the face of its seems true since it has originated from the head of Apple office.

As per the past history of Apple it has been showing off its latest OS’s at WWDC which takes place around the month of June. Apple has almost always being a forerunner in terms of revolutionary devices in the world of Technology. Apple did it with the first iPhone and gave its competitors a run for their money when it showcased to the world its iPhone 4 with its amazing Retina Display.