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Xbox Infinity rumoured to be the new name for next Xbox
Xbox Infinity rumoured to be the new name for next Xbox


It’s been rumoured that the next Xbox will come with a new name tag as Xbox Infinity instead of the so-called Xbox 720.


Codenamed 'Durango', Microsoft seems set to launch the new console on 21st May 2013. There was an official leak previously, which did not mention the word 'Infinity' but the new leak with the tag line 'Infinite entertainment’.


Furthermore, the new Xbox is also expected to come with new touch based controllers. The Xbox 720 will come packing very similar specifications to the already-announced PS4. However, it is rumoured strongly that the Xbox 720 will come with reduced graphics potency.


The Xbox 720's CPU will be an AMD Jaguar-based CPU clocked at 1.6GHz. There is no news about the type of optical drive, which ideally should be a Bluray drive; but then Microsoft seems to be pushing for downloads of add-on content and games purchased online.


The next-gen Xbox also been speculated to feature Siri-like voice command feature, and multiple game-play support.

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