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iBall Rolls Out First Android Smartphone Andy 4.3 j With Dual SIM & Battery
iBall Rolls Out First Android Smartphone Andy 4.3 j With Dual SIM & Battery



iBall is extending its Smartphone series & has launched the first Smartphone in Indian market with dual battery along with dual SIM. 


iBall has done justice with the look of “Andy 4.3 j” and has provided a stylish look that will suit your style.  It sports a 4.3-inch display with 5 MP camera and is powered by a 1 GHz ARM Cortex A9 processor.  Andy 4.3 j runs on Google’s Android Gingerbread (v2.3).  You can easily connect socially or professionally as it boasts connectivity features including Bluetooth, GPRS, Wi-Fi, and 3 G capabilities.  Andy 4.3 j has got Ambient light, Gravity and Proximity Sensors.  You can store as much data you want without any issues as it comes with 2 GB internal memory expandable up to 32 GB.


Andy 4.3 j has a buzz surrounding it because of its dual battery feature, which combines a 1630- mAh and 900-mAh total capacity of 2,530 mAh.  The dual battery feature has come as a boon for gamers and travelers.  You can now use your Smartphone for extended sessions of browsing, long hour chat and all the other interesting Apps without any battery concerns.


Smartphone’s based on Google Android has been launched by most of the brands in the market, what makes Andy 4.3 j different from others is its dual SIM with dual battery feature.  iBall has thought a very good idea to catch up with the rivals.


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