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iOS, Android Rumored To Get Ms Office
iOS, Android Rumored To Get Ms Office


The Smartphone market has been buzzed with the rumors that official Microsoft Office app has been designed for iOS and Android devices.


According to reports, an app called Office Mobile is mostly to come for these two platforms. The app would be free of cost for both the platforms and will allow its user’s to view Microsoft Office documents on the go. 


If sources are to be believed, the coming Office Mobile app requires its user’s to have a Microsoft account like OneNote and SkyDrive apps.  The Microsoft account holders will have the access to basic viewing functionalities in the app such as Excel, Word and PowerPoint. You would be required to subscribe Office 365 if you want access to editing functions from the app.  With this app anyone can review, create, edit and share documents.



It’s a good attempt to replace regular full use of a desktop Office version but seems that attempt will not go very far and would be of great use for basic editing on the go.


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