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iTunes Store Now In India In Its Full Glory
iTunes Store Now In India In Its Full Glory


Apple fans in India have longed for it quite a long time now, but it remained a source of envy for them. However, those days are over. After a decent part of decade, satisfying themselves with limited number of eBooks and podcasts, Indian will now be able to access the complete assortment of content available on Apple’s iTunes stores. Yes, that is right iTunes store has debuted in India and is accessible in its full glory.


Apple recently took off the shutters of their iTunes Store in around 56 new nations, including India. So, now you will be able to buy or rent music, at affordable prices straight from the iTunes app itself. The iTunes program comes preloaded in the iOS devices including iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad, while the windows users can install it free.


To browse the available wares, all you need to do is to just open your iTunes application and explore the wide assortment of content available. At present, iTunes has over 20 million songs in the offerings for purchase and downloading. The song collection spans over ‘international and local music from all the big music labels and thousands of sovereign labels’. It also has plethora of Indian content in the offering from the prominent labels like Universal Music, Sony Music, SAREGAMA, EMI Records, YRF Music, and T-Series.


The single song download will cost you something in between Rs 7 to Rs 15 (standard Rs. 12) while for a single album users will have to pay at around Rs 70 (standard Rs. 100), all of that in DRM-free AAC format. The movies will cost you starting price of Rs 190, which could go up Rs 490 for the HD version. It’s nice to see that iTunes also offer movies on rent. The rental price starts from Rs 80 for the standard definition and could go up to Rs 120 for HD version and you can get them for 30 days, however, make sure you watch them completely within 48 hours of pressing the play button.


In addition to iTunes Stores, Apple also launched their iTunes Match service for Indian customers to lets you upload all your music collection from your system or iTunes to iCloud to access them later on any iOS device. This service will cost you Rs 1,200 per year, but if you are a dedicated music lover, it is worth every paisa.


So, whether you are a music buff or an avid reader, Apple’s iTunes stores surely has a lot in the offering for you.

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