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Record while you sing

Use as a Mic in
Parties, Seminars & Conference

Play Music Wirelessly
     from Mobile Phone

  Create your own wireless Karaoke environment (eliminating the need to connect to the Television) anywhere you like with the Music Mic Wireless Microphone Speaker.

   Use echo reverberations that gives a professional Karaoke sound as you sing.

   Record your voice while you sing with the help of a Karaoke App (third party).

  Sing along with the help of Wireless Music Mic.

  Use the Music Mic as a portable Mic with built in Speaker for Parties / Seminars / Conferences.

  Music Mic allows you to connect to a Home Theatre System to amplify the sound with the help of a cable (provided in the box).

   Music Mic Wireless Microphone Speaker is the latest in portable music entertainment as it let's you play music directly from your Mobile Phone / Tablet / Laptop etc.

Audio Monitoring : Capacitor
Reverberation : Echo
Output : 10mW (Earphone output), 3W (Speaker output)
Wireless Receiving Range : 10 Meters (under ideal conditions)
Can I record my voice while singing ?
Yes you can record your voice while singing with the help of an Audio / recording cable provided along with the Karaoke Mic.

How much time will it take to charge the mic and how long will the charging last?
It takes about 3 hours to fully charge the mic and it last for approximately 3-5 hours under ideal condition.

What is the warranty period for the mic?
The warranty period is for 1 year from the date of purchase.

What is the connectivity range of the Bluetooth?
The Bluetooth connectivity range is 15 metres under Ideal Condition.

How does the Karaoke functionality work?
There are many third party Karaoke apps available on Play store as well as App Store, which can be used to apply the Karaoke functionality on the mic.

What is the battery capacity?
The mic has a battery of 1000 mAh.