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PU Leather Case with
Credit Card Slots

Vaccum holder for
Mobile Phone

Wallet cum Purse with
multiple colour options

  PU Leather Case.

  Credit Card Slots.

  Universal Size.

  Built in Wallet.

  Vaccum Holder for Mobile Phone.

  Multi Storage Pockets.

What is the BT50 Mobile Wallet made of?
It is artificial leather manufactured in a factory also known as PU Leather.

Can we store Debit/Credit Cards, Visiting Cards or any other important indentity.
The BT50 Wallet Case has 9 multi purpose slots for Debit/Credit Cards, Visiting Cards etc.

Which Mobile Phone is BT50 Compatible with?
BT50 is a Universal Mobile Wallet which can be used for any Mobile Phone.

Can we store Currency in the BT50?
Yes,you can. The width is big enough for even a 1000 rupee note to fit in easily.

How does the vaccum holder for the Mobile work?
You need to stick the backside of the Mobile Phone to the vaccumm holder.