KraftArt 3D Pen - BT 81

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LED Display

Speed Control

Retractable Power Cable

   To be used with a Power Bank

  Beyondtime KraftArt 3D Pen BT 81 has a Sleek Steel body which allows you to use it with ease and precision.

  Has a LED display which indicates when it is ready for use and also displays the operating temperature which is adjustable.

  Comes with a unique Speed Control function that allows you to control the flow of the filament.

Discharging mode : Hot melt extrusion molding
Molding : Three Dimension Molding
Print range : Unlimited
Spinning speed : Adjustable
Compatible Filaments : ABS / PLA
Filament Diameter : 1.75mm+-0.03mm
Temperature : 170 C-230 C Adjustable
Working Voltage : 5V 2A
The Nozzle diameter : 0.6mm