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KALQ Split-Screen Keyboard for Superfast Thumb Typing
KALQ Split-Screen Keyboard for Superfast Thumb Typing


Researchers have designed a new touchscreen keyboard layout that allows superfast thumb-typing, named as KALQ.


KALQ keyboard is developed to speed up thumb typing on tablets and phablets, enabling you to type 34% faster than on a QWERTY layout. The team studied thumb movements and developed "computational optimization techniques" to determine where letters should appear on the keyboard.


The letters are arranged scientifically in such a way that it reduces the distance your thumbs have to move to hit the next key. A constant back-and-forth between thumbs means the other thumb should always be heading for the next key even as the typing thumb hits its mark.


KALQ's split keyboard cover less than half the screen and divides the letters into two unequal blocks with consonants in the left block (including Y which can be classed as either) and vowels plus the remaining consonants (including K, L and Q) in the right. A space key is provided towards the edge of each block for easy reach with either thumb. The keyboard can also be reversed for a left-handed.


After getting the drift of KALQ, test subjects hit a rate of 37 words per minute, with a 5 per cent error rate. It is the best ever reported for two-thumb typing on touchscreen devices, more than the approximate 20 words on a split QWERTY.


At first, KALQ Keyboard is expected to be available as Free Android app for the android smartphones in first week of May.

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